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Beginner Fly Tying: #10 the Woolly Worm

NOTE: This series is based on the book A STRUCTURED COURSE IN FLY TYING, published by Chattahoochee Media. This lavishly illustrated and easy-to-follow book has been used as... [...]

October 19, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Opinion: How to avoid being a “googan”

Joan wulff’s casting basics are practiced today by everyone who teaches casting – including Lefty Kreh. Click on photo for more about Joan. There’s always the elephant... [...]

October 12, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

What is it about Orvis?

The several thousand square foot Orvis owned Atlanta store is on the most famous street in the South, Peachtree. This major location for Orvis carries “everything.” Here,... [...]

October 11, 2017 RECENT, Slide

Industry News: RIO Offers New Scandi 3D Line

Idaho Falls, Idaho / October 2, 2017 RIO Products, manufacturers of fly lines, leaders, and tippet material, offers fly fishers its new InTouch Scandi 3D line with a... [...]

October 9, 2017 RECENT, Slide

A fishing story. Me and Daisey

A day in our lives, fishing with Daisey By Skip Clement, Contributor I picked the last of the okra. Angie, my oft-times fishing partner, loves okra but she... [...]

October 6, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Beginner Fly Tying: #9 Enhanced Chenille Caterpillar

Enhancing the basic Chenille Caterpillar Fly By Steve Hudson Adding that red yarn tail to a basic Chenille Caterpillar Fly does two things for us. First, it allows... [...]

October 4, 2017 RECENT, Slide

How to solve trailing hook issues on a tube fly

Tying a fly on a tube is not new to up-to-speed tyers, but in this video, there is a little trick that solves that hook trailing issue and... [...]

October 3, 2017 RECENT, Slide

Wanna grow your game? Think Versi & Poly leaders and sink tips on 9-footers

Accepting new ideas – ways of doing things sometimes seem too complicated to try… if you were born that way By Skip Clement, Contributor If you’ve managed to... [...]

October 3, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Industry News: Rise Fly Fishing’s Level and Level X

CLICK ON IMAGE TO VISIT RISE FLY FISHING WEBSITE. Rods are available for purchase. Rise Fly Fishing is on a mission to produce high-quality fly rods that... [...]

September 29, 2017 RECENT, Slide

About Orvis and fly fishing, they have what you want

Orvis has been privately owned by the Perkins family since 1965. Its headquartered in Vermont has major operations in Roanoke, Virginia and the United Kingdom. Today, Orvis is... [...]

September 28, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide