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Are you fishing at the best times?

The upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st has, as you’ve no doubt noticed, triggered several articles on improved fishing opportunities as the sun sets and rises in a window of not much more than a few minutes.

Oddly, there isn’t much sound science on the subject of improved bite during an eclipse. It seems to be limited to historical accounts.

On a regular day, the best bite is before and after key moon events

What is known about these everyday occurrences of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, as they relate to fish bite, is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be. It’s as valuable to salty fishers as it is to cold water and stillwater anglers.

What is little known is that moonrise and moonset are more powerful bite triggers. Moonrise and moonset are neither visible nor do they have any perceivable effect on light, but they are impactful on everything that swims for its lunch.

Fish enjoy eating at low light.

Where can I get sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset charts?

There are more than several moon phase websites. Some require payment, and some are free. Others are for teaching,  commercial interests, or governmental agencies, and some are in tide websites designed for saltwater angler use.

FREE sites:

Time and Date com.

Solunar Forecast & Predictions.

Mr. Tides. Note: Only available on Macs – all tides and moon phases based on the geography of nautical buoys. More appropriate for saltwater anglers.

More opinions on the influences of Moon Phases:

Fishing Booker.

John Alden, father of the postulation (1926) that moon phases are connected to fish bite activity.


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