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At The Vise: Bulkhead Deceiver

In this short video, Gunnar Brammer showcases the finer points of the Bulkead Deceiver. This fly can be tied with a bare minimum of materials, is extremely durable, and works really well to imitate a myriad of baitfish. The beauty of this particular pattern is that it has more mass in the front of the fly so it pushes more water and sinks slowly with a “beautiful tubular silouette.” Whether your targeting trophy Amazon Peacocks, Northwoods Smallmouth and Musky, or East Coast Stripers – these are the flies that will get you started and follow you for a lifetime of success on the water.


Hook: Gami SL12S 4/0

2 sizes of Bucktail

Hedron Polar Flash

Thread: 140 Veevus Power Thread

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