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At The Vise: Quill Body Micro Stone

Quill Body Micro Stone as tied by Skylar Hardman

2 types of Loon resin are used to create this beautiful and effective fly.

“This is a great little stone pattern with just enough flash to be enticing but plenty of natural appeal as well. I especially like to fish this in the early spring when the water is a little discolored but its a great pattern year round.”

Here is what you will need to tie this fly:

  • Hook: Natural Bend Nymph Hook (I used a 14 for this)
  • Bead: 2.5mm (I used a coffee colored tungsten bead)
  • thread: Any that will lay flat (I recomend 70 Denier Danville)
  • Tail/Legs: Coq de Leon dyed brown
  • Body: Peacock Quill (I used peach color)
  • thorax: Hend’s cactus micro chenille
  • Wing case: Brown Holo tinsel/Black scud back
  • Resin on Quill: Loon UV Resin Flow
  • Resin on wing case: Loon UV Resin Thick

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