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At The Vise: Shrimp flies open a whole new world

Anatomy of a shrimp.

By Skip Clement with video by Ruben Martin

Along with just a few others, Ruben Martin ties the most realistic flies in the world – flies that can be reproduced by both novice and advanced tyers if you watch him on a video.

Unique about Martin’s flies are his techniques – all of which, so far seen, is copyable because they are always easier than accepted practices. Also, that leads to his ever remarkable material uses – using both known products and outside the box materials in a way no others thought of.

NOTE: This shrimp, which Martin calls Easy Realistic Orange Shrimp, is easily adaptable to any color, tied on a number of different hook types and sizes as well as tied on tubes… which may best advantage the mimic by catching more of the lengthy list of game fish that regularly enjoy shrimps.

Orange Shrimp Recipe:

Hook: Ahrex NS156 Traditional shrimp # 6

Antennas: fine monofilament painted ORANGE and black with indelible markers.

Eyes: monofilament painted ORANGE with black pupil

Rostrum: orange artic fox tail

Shell: transparent thermocontractable paint orange and then craquelada black paint.

Rib: fine monofilament

Body: orange polar chenille

Note: Deer Creek fine UV resin is used for eye and shell termination and coating.

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