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At The Vise: The genius of the dubbing loop

The oft misunderstood dubbing loop is frequently considered a grad school level technique but a little practice makes this great move totally attainable for anybody, even newer tyers. It is a really great way to use the material of your choice to create collars for streamer flies or to create buggy bodies and thoraxes. The applications are quite extensive. Synthetic fibers, feather fibers and natural fur and hairs are just a few options for dubbing loop materials.

In practice, a dubbing loop is created by bringing the thread around the hook shank to create a loop into which you can place your material. Twisting the loop creates a dubbing rope similar to a piece of chenille that then can be palmered and then tied off. The following video from¬† In The Riffle’s YouTube channel displays this technique in simple, easy to understand steps.

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In The Riffle: In 2008, In The Riffle was started. It is now a video rich website with an emphasis specifically on fly tying and fly fishing videos.

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