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By abdicating, we become irresponsible stewards

By Skip Clement

We, the United States of America, abrogated a part of our global leadership role last Thursday in the Rose Garden – just flat out gave it up. We now have new science partners and stand on an intellectual par with them regarding the science of climate change – welcome Syria and Nicaragua. It is reportedly a comfortable mental leap for our new Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We are no longer objective science equals with Israel, Canada, Germany, California, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia, China or hundreds of other countries (and states) that are aware of the impact human activity has had and will continue to have on climate change.

That of course, includes the effects of fossil fuel burning – Donald Trump has promised we will continue to lead the world in emissions. It was an election promise he has kept. His faux news followers are still squealing with joy.

Climate change is not a reality, Donald Trump, the President of the United Sates of America, said so.  Therefore, we must all gather in his bubble and declare that the king’s clothes are great again.

You and I, scientists around the world, have had it all wrong because we were thinking. We all know that Donald Trump is beyond thinking, he’s in an awakened state – a spiritual world that we, scientists around the world, cannot understand and will never understand.

Will the Paris Climate Agreement save the world? Nope. But the agreement is light where there was darkness

Every man, woman, child, flora, fauna, reptile, fish, landscape and seascape, and weather pattern throughout the world is currently being impacted and will continue to fend off hazards beyond our present vision.

This father wants his daughter’s daughters to enjoy clean air and water. He’s all for our doing something about climate change – just ask him. Image credit Two Guys and a

For those of us who fish, hunt, camp, travel, hike, climb, or simply enjoy the out of doors – climate change is a huge threat. In the bigger picture, it is a threat to our economy, world economy and the future of our country and the world.

Trump threw gasoline on the fire. It did more than singe this nation. We now have no national climate change plan – none, zip, nada

It seems big money and Donald Trump would do anything to the United States of America if they can cancel any environmentally effective program of the past administrations… anything. Their collective resentments are beginning to have crippling effects on our outdoors experience, and portends ominously in that regard for our children and grandchildren.

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