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Industry News: Renzetti Fly Fishing Fair shines in its 4th year

The 4th Renzetti Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair was held in Titusville, Florida - sponsored by Hells Bay, Gheenoe, and Temple Fork. [...]

December 9, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Industry News, News, Slide

Monday Gear Review: Sage Click Series Reel

Sage has combined minimalist beauty and traditional simplicity with a clean, modern design and excellent craftsmanship. [...]

December 9, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Gear, Gift Ideas, Slide

Video: “Casting A Voice: Pipelines, Bitumen & Wild Fish”

In “Casting A Voice," Dimitri Gammer clearly depicts the value of the salmon fishery that thousands, world wide, have come to fish and love. [...]

December 6, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

Money Matters: Good protection tips for buying online

Online shopping is growing six times the rate of traditional retail shopping, so watch your back this holiday season with these tips... [...]

December 5, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Wednesday Fish Facts: The mighty billfishes

Their upper jaw projects far past the length of the lower, creating a slender, pointed “bill." Intrepid anglers will spend fortunes and lifetimes in pursuit of billfish. [...]

December 4, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Wednesday Fish Facts

Review: A man needs pants to live in. TrueFlies provides.

To fish in Florida you need pants that are lightweight and durable. Bombproof TrueFlies Oyster Creek's are just that... [...]

December 3, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Monday Gear Review: Propel introduces the CatchCam® camera/lipper

The CatchCam, a hand-held, multi-component device, integrates the functions of scale, lipper, camera and tape measure... [...]

December 2, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Industry News: Reed’s Saltwater Fly set to go viral

Saltwater readies for CYBER Monday [...]

December 1, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Industry News, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Meet artist, Diane Rome Peebles

Diane, who studied to be a medical illustrator, diverged to become a collectible artist whose work graces FLM editors’ first book, Fly Fishing The Florida Keys. [...]

November 29, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide

At The Vise: Calcavecchia’s Joppa Flats Deceiver

Follow the simple instructions outlined in this video to tie Joe Calcavecchia's favorite striper fly, a glorified Deceiver "responsible for many 40 inch fish" [...]

November 26, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Tying, Slide