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Gear Review: Tie-Fast Tool saves time and peace of mind

For under $10 you can be assured that several quickly tied knots, Nail Knots, Bood Knot-like nail knots, snelled hooks, terminal to fly knot will al be failsafe; everytime [...]

January 12, 2016 Gear Review, RECENT, Slide

Gear Review: Is Echo’s new glass Spey rods an economical bamboo?

Tim Rajeff, Rajeff Sports / ECHO Fly Rods, has been an industry leader in innovations; glass Spey and switch rods, and outstanding performance at economical price points [...]

January 11, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide

Gear Review: SeaLife Micro 2.0 underwater camera

The Micro 2.0's built-in WiFi feature wirelessly connects the camera to any Apple device running on iOS 6.0 or above as well as an Android smart phone or tablet [...]

December 11, 2015 Gear Review, RECENT, Slide

Gear Review: TrueFlies’ wearables made using near military-grade fabrics

True Flies has set the standard for comfortable, utility-grade shirts and pants that will stand up to just about anything except barracuda teeth... [...]

November 4, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide

Gear Review: GoPro now manageable from 600-feet away

New GoPro smart remote makes managing up to 40 cameras possible, and features 40% more battery capacity compared to WiFi remote. Waterproof up to 32-feet [...]

October 15, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide

Gear Review: Aspen Reels 450 Large Arbor fly reel

It balanced my 10 weight nicely, picked up line quickly, exhibited silky smooth drag and a fine anodized finish that holds up well to scratches and nicks. [...]

October 6, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear, Gear Review, Slide, Videos

Gear Review: If you can’t afford a Power Pole, think StickIt

The StickIt Anchoring System's 'pin' is a custom glass and resin formulation compound and a pultrusion product with a life expectancy far exceeding fiberglass Power Pole or Push Pole [...]

August 5, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide

Gadget Review: MFC’s River Steel family of streamside tools

I grabbed for my River Steel forceps and was pleased to find them easily detached and put into action. They were able to find the bend of the hook and quickly remove the fly. [...]

July 30, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Gear, Gear Review, Slide

Gear Review: An entry level rod? Yes, but far more, it turns out

Tim Rajeff says the Base is a perfect entry level rod. We couldn’t agree more, but a veteran caster might take better advantage of it. Do we recommend it? Yes! [...]

July 29, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide

Video Review: Carter Andrews on G. Loomis’ ShortStix 7’6″ fly rods

I was catching blackfin tuna with this rod. I put as much heat as I possibly could on it. It is a workhorse. I will always have a couple of these around... [...]

July 17, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Gear Review, Slide, Videos