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Industry News: RIO simplifies fly line selection on film

RIO has launched three new “Choosing a line” films that are designed to simplify the often confusing selection process. [...]

September 5, 2013 Industry News, RECENT, Slide, Spot

News: A true Florida Keys legend passes away

George Hommell Jr., a legend in the Florida Keys, died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning, August 31, at the age of 88 in his Islamorada home. [...]

September 4, 2013 FEATURE STORY, News, Slide, Spot

Wednesday Fish Facts: The senses of sound and touch

Remember that a fish often hears its food before actually seeing it. First and foremost, be quiet when you’re fishing—fish can hear very well. [...]

September 4, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot, Wednesday Fish Facts

Conservation: They’re back big time – alligator gar

Alligator gar, a fish that could reach ten feet or more, were the top predator in the early 1900s... [...]

September 3, 2013 Conservation, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Video: Alarming video exposes humans at their worst

Killing animals for profit is a huge big business [...]

September 2, 2013 RECENT, Slide, Spot, Videos

Conservation: A strong voice in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

"Can you think of anyone who would want to do you harm?" [...]

August 31, 2013 Conservation, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Boating: Tampa Boat Show

The Progressive® Insurance Tampa Boat Show - September 6, 7 and 8 [...]

August 31, 2013 Boating, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Conservation: Can mangroves adapt to rising seas?

Scientists estimate that 35% or more of the world’s mangroves have been lost in recent decades, decimated by coastal development. [...]

August 30, 2013 Conservation, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Friday Fish Frame: Katmai Mayfly by Primal Angler

Ryan Davey and Primal Angler offer guided angling adventures worldwide, produce high quality media, and offer a diverse line of products for the adventurous angler. [...]

August 30, 2013 RECENT, Slide, Spot

Tips & Tactics: Don’t wet line before seating a knot

The surface of mono lines are very smooth, and with little friction quotient [...]

August 29, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics, Uncategorized