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Tips & Tactics: Do’s and don’ts of launching your watercraft

Unorthodox maneuvers at the boat ramp can lead to humorous or dangerous results. [...]

February 27, 2013 RECENT, Skiffs & Bay Boats, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics, Videos

Profile: Cindy Russell, tarpon-chaser

Cindy, now an extremely accomplished tarpon angler, immersed herself in everything fly fishing in 1982. [...]

February 26, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Flies, Profile, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics

Boat Mangement: Part Two

Rigging and fishing your new boat [...]

February 26, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Skiffs & Bay Boats, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics

Friday Fish Frame: Paul Puckett

Paul Puckett is an Atlanta based angler and artist originally from Dallas, TX. Paul states, “Catch and release paintings to me are so much more than the actual fish. They reflect the feeling that comes with catching your first rainbow [...]

February 22, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

News: An interview with Anthony J. Magardino of Beaverkill Rods

Anthony Magardino bought the mothballed Beaverkill Rods company's assets. [...]

February 21, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Profile, Slide, Spot

Conservation: Georgia redfish on my mind

The redfish organization of Georgia, Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia and hundreds of sport fisherman have been pressing the state legislature to protect redfish, by making it a non-commercial species. [...]

February 18, 2013 Conservation, FEATURE STORY, News, Slide, Spot

Friday Fish Frame: Bob White

Bob White is an artist and author from Minnesota that has spent over 2 decades as an itinerant fishing guide, looking for gainful employment in North and South America. [...]

February 15, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Conservation: United States and European Union

Global fisheries provide a healthy food and employment. In 2010 alone, fisheries and aquaculture supplied the world with about 148 million tons of fish valued at $217.5 billion U.S. dollars. [...]

February 14, 2013 Conservation, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Tips & Tactics: Tying Kary Via’s Sweet Meat Crab

Tying Kary Via's Carolina Natty Crab. [...]

February 14, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Tying, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics

Tips & Tactics: Keep it simple, catch more bones.

Tim Mahaffey on bonefishing. All of my rod and reel combos are matching, so when I switch weights the actions are all the same... [...]

February 13, 2013 Destinations, FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics