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Choosing the right fly rod goes beyond a wiggle…

I have seen this guy in the fly shop. You probably have as well. He wants to have what makes him look like a professional but doesn’t know anything beyond that. Wearing everything to look “jungly” and smelling like a 2 martini lunch, he enters the fly shop expecting the treatment he normally does when getting ready to thump down the heavy metal black Am Ex card. After much fawning from the shop kid and much wiggling of different brands of 12 weights, he walks out without the slightest idea what he just bought or how he is going to make the line come out of the end of it when silver torpedoes arrive off the bow of his guides skiff in Boca Grande this Spring.

Instead of appearing in any way, shape or form to be the ass in the story above, let Kelly Gallup walk you through the process of choosing the right fly rod.

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