You don’t have to know where Indian River Lagoon is or the Banana River. But you do need to read this and see the video. Both are assurances that there are elected and appointed officials who will, without reservation, destroy your neighborhood and our country for 30 pieces of silver

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]arlier this year, a proposal put forth by John Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of the Canaveral Port Authority, and unknown foreign and domestic business interests, was approved by five Brevard County (Florida) Commissioners. Here’s some of the ‘Skimm’, so far.

“The Five,” as in Brevard County, Florida Commissioners Five: Robin Fisher (Chair), Jim Barfield, Trudie Infantini, Curt Smith and Andy Anderson have all decided, with the authority vested in them, to run rough-shod over 551,000 taxpaying citizens who do not have representation in the Port Canaveral “arrangement.” Here’s more . .

The proposed plan is a disaster

Ted with a nice bull dolphinfish. A Ted Lund image.

Ted with a nice bull dolphinfish. A Ted Lund image.

By prearrangement, cargo originating from the Middle East will be served preferentially at the new, dredged out Port Canaveral. An extended rail line (Brevard County, Florida) will be installed to move the cargo. Unspecified numbers of freight trains will roll through subdivision after subdivision, neighborhood after neighborhood at unspecified times of day. The impact on citizens lives will be horrific and will drastically lower their property values.

These freight trains will also pass through, and over, environmentally sensitive and protected areas of the North Banana River,  Indian River Lagoon, and part of Merritt Island. But shockingly, these same freight trains will be loaded with uninspected cargo (only 2% of ship containers get checked). The freight trains will parallel sensitive military installations (Trident Sub Base) and Kennedy Space Center. Talk about giving terrorists like ISIS an easy target!

Even if you don’t give a hoot about Port Canaveral you need to listen to this measured speech. It’s probably the most thoughtful citizen speak on the importance of the environment we have ever heard. His research digs out just how dirty and lying politicians can be.  Capt.Ted Lund.

NOTE: Featuted Image – a redfish in Indian River Lagoon, Florida. Image by

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