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Fast action fly rods – learn how to love ’em

There’s no getting away from fast action fly rods – learn to love ’em not leave ’em

Not that there’s a rush to do that. Fast action rods cast further (create faster line speeds), more able to turn and land big fish (more able bodied), quick casts (getting the fly to the target faster), and for this angler it’s most valuable service – casting performance in windy conditions.

Regarding fast action, anyone who fishes for stripers in the fall on the East Coast, surf fishes the coastal waters out west, the Baja meridional in the winter or bonefishes in the winter in The Bahamas or the Florida Keys knows that it’s probably going to be windy every day. And it’s in those conditions a fast action rod becomes the scorer (in the right hands).

Having a fast action rod does present some casting issues. Mainly, a fast action rod has no forgiveness

There are a few hand actions and timing matters that cannot be ignored. “Wording” one’s way through those prescriptions is bested by a video. Check out the following YouTube video, and you’ll learn to ditch those casting mistakes.


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