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Fly line, how it’s made

It was a box in a box, buried with inherited, unsorted family albums. The box had been traveling with me to new residences since the mid-1990s. How a fly reel got to be stored with family albums defies organizational logic.

The reel, a Scientific Anglers System Two, was lined (backing, fly line, and leader). The ravages of time had taken its toll. What intrigued me was the durability of the fly line.

Just how are fly lines made in the current world of 2017?

A search found there were a lot of articles and several videos on the subject – most were dated.  While the Chinese proverb states the truism that a picture is worth a thousand words, today, that proverb might be, a YouTube video is worth a thousand pictures.

So, we watched all the videos, or at least “hit play” on all. Two stood out. One, eloquent (Airflo), the other more industrial, RIO (the 2016 version). We decided on the RIO. You’ll see why if you view both, which we recommend.

NOTE: Featured Image YouTube / RIO

Fly Line: How it’s made

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