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Gear Review: TrueFlies’ wearables made using near military-grade fabrics

Gear: Standout Wearable

by Robert Morselli

TrueFlies Shell Creek Shorts.

TrueFlies Shell Creek Shorts.

Dress improperly and be prepared for a miserable day on the water. Too hot, too cold, too wet – it’s all bad.

I’ve had the opportunity to test many garments and footwear over the last two seasons, and the main thing that struck me was the degree to which these garments excelled or failed at their intended use.

rueFlies Oyster Creek II Performance Pants

TrueFlies Oyster Creek II Performance Pants

The wearables industry (that part of the industry that caters to fishers and hunters, at least) has upped its game considerably since around 2010, and there’s a huge – and growing – divide in overall quality. The gear I’ve tested most recently seemed to land in one of two categories:  it was either poorly designed and/or produced, or it was a standout item.

Following are the standout items:

True Flies has been hard at work producing functional, fishing-specific clothes for several years now. Everything they make takes into account anglers’ needs. One thing they don’t boast about (but should) is fabric quality. This is a brand to take a good look at if you’re looking for pants, shorts and shirts that are built to last.

After many months of wear (and a little abuse), I can report that their Oyster Creek and Shell Creek lines of pants and shorts are made using near military-grade, 4-way stretch fabrics. Same goes for the stitching. True Flies has set the standard for comfortable, utility-grade shirts and pants that will stand up to anything except barracuda teeth.

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