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Hardy’s Andy Mill on “Feeding the Fish”

If you watch enough YouTube/Vimeo on matters fly fishing, sub B movies come to mind. Well, somebody at RIO Products and Hardy Alnwick/England came up with a way to make a good idea better.

They have each come up with a Series. One of RIO Products’ is called Spey TV with Simon Gawesworth; they have many others, but Simon is a great “Explainer.” Hardy’s calls theirs Andy Mill Two Minute Masterclass.

Today, we focus on Hardy’s Masterclass with Andy talking about Feeding The Fish. Mill is a tarpon tournament winner and author of A Passion for Tarpon. Andy takes all the BS out of everything he does on the water. He rounds all the squares and gets to the point … in two minutes.

As a TV suit schlepper used to say, “You’re gonna like . . .”

NOTE: Featured Image A Fed Tarpon. Photo by Capt. Greg Dini.

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