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Introduction to grayling

Introduction by Suzanne Jones
 Check out this detailed infographic from Barbless Flies for a simplified and easy way of understanding an introduction on how to fly fish for grayling. “The Lady of the Stream” can be a tricky one to add to your fishing bucket list, hence the simplified know-all guide about the fish, the season in which you can fish for them, prohibited months of grayling fishing, the types of flies to use, the size of rod, and more. Consider targeting grayling. Utilize this guide and it’s pointers when doing so. It may prove quite helpful in your future grayling adventures.

Hooked on Grayling

How To Catch Grayling

Grayling mostly feed on shrimps, nymphs and caddis larvae. Longer lighter rods are the norm when fishing for grayling but beware as they can put in a strong fight when caught! They also tend to corkscrew when hooked as well. The longer lighter rods give you the ability to control the line better and are more comfortable to use during your fly fishing season.

When playing a grayling, keep the rod tip low as this keeps the grayling deep. Play the fish until it’s upstream of you, then as the river brings the fish towards you, raise it in the water column and direct it into the net. Once a grayling fish is near the surface, it may start to thrash about. This is where most fish are lost and where you will need to be careful.

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