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Jimmy Albright’s namesake knot still reigns

While this Albright Knot will not be needed for catching trouts or panfish, it’s useful when confronted with tying dissimilar diameter lines or dissimilar line types. For example, mono to fluoro – fluoro or mono to single strand wire.

Fortunately, it’s simple to tie and quickly done in adverse weather conditions or on the gyrating cockpit of a boat.

  • Make a loop in the heavier line and run about 10-feet of the lighter line through the loop.
  • Hold the three lines between your thumb and index finger. Wrap the light line back over itself and both strands on the loop.
  • Make ten tightly wrapped turns. Feed the tag end back through the loop and exit the loop the same as it entered.
  • Hold the light line and pull on both ends of the heavy line to slide the wraps to the end of the loop. Pull the knot tight to complete the Albright Knot.

Watch once and you’ll get it. The Albright Knot joins dissimilar diameter lines or dissimilar types of lines, including single strand wire.

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