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Earlier this year, The American Museum of Fly Fishing hosted and filmed a session of legends gathered at the International Game Fish Association. The moderator was Mark Sosin and asked each legend to to comment aon a pepared list of questions.  Some of legends included were Lefty Kreh, Joan Wulff, Flip Pallot, Nat Ragland, Chico Fernandez and several other gray haired fly fishers of ote forma s far away as California. Several legends were not there – like Diana Rudolph, for example.

One of the questions had to do with the declining number of young folks entering the sport of fly fishing on how to get young folks involved. No one had a real clue, including an audience of mostly gray haired folks. The common answer was boy scouts and girl scouts, clubs and Flip probably had the best answer when he said: “What 15 year old kid is going to listen to a 75 year old gray bearded guy.”

Well, maybe the following is the answer?

The National Fishing in Schools Program is a nationwide, in school program, that teaches the positive lifetime activity of fishing to students in middle schools and high schools.  NFSP educates students about fish, insects, aquatic environment, resource stewardship and conservation using fishing, and learning the skill of casting, as the instructional tool.

NFSP works in cooperation with state education and fish and wildlife agencies and a network of groups interested in teaching our youth how to fish in schools.  The NFSP current curriculum, “Cast A Fly, Catch A Student,” using fly rods, was specifically created to address a broad and inclusive framework of National Academic Standards.  Its sequel, “Cast A Lure, Catch A Student,” using spincast rods, will do the same.  The foundation lesson plans are designed to be taught over 10 days and meet 4 standards: Language Arts, Physical Education, Science and Technology. [Read More]

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