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Monday Gear Review: ATV Reeboks. Go anywhere…

Reebok Men’s ATV 19+ Shoes

Slippery slope, fishing on foot, rocky terrain, wet grass, soft sand – not a problem with these kicks.

What kind of terrain can an ATV go on? Well, it can kick butt on all terrains (redundant, we know) making it a tough toy able to go to places cars and other vehicles can’t. Reebok decided to apply this theory to shoes and created the men’s Reebok ATV 19+ shoes and they are meant to go on on any terrain (see how we connected the dots?).

These shoes don’t sync with an iPhone or interact with the nearest Wifi but they just look straight up funky, awesome, and meant for men. The shoes come in three different color variations which include mostly black with dark blue highlights, Grey with some neon highlights, and then one with white and red with a splash of neon. So some pretty wild colors to match up with the wild look of the Reebok Men’s ATV 19+ shoes.

Mens-ATV-19+-ShoesSome of the highlights included on this product include:

Banked Feel: The angles of the side “lugs” allow for you to bank on turns allowing for quicker movements
19 Irregular Lugs: These allow you to “rip through mud, snow, sand, and grass”
Carbon Rubber Lugs: The lugs are made out of this material to help you get the best grip available when going “off roading”

They have also built in extra padding into the tongue of the shoe along with more padding in the toe of the shoe as well. It would appear that the shoes are built to last for a long time and won’t rip apart super quick like of the other shoes you have bought in the past. While we wouldn’t recommend these for running long distance, they are definitely a good job for the non-traditional athletes that consistently find themselves off the beaten path.


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