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Monday Gear Review: Cheeky Reels Mojo 425

I got my hands on this sweet reel about a month ago and fished it hard in Montauk with my clients this Fall. It is a very cool reel that has been designed intelligently. Aesthetically, Peter Crommet and the folks at Cheeky have managed to create really original styling that looks different from its competitors. Right out of the gate, when you see a Cheeky, you know its a Cheeky. This apparently isn’t the easiest accomplishment in the current arena of fly fishing reels, rife with Tibor ripoffs.

It’s contemporary lines and styling appealed to me right away. And after a month of rugged wear and tear in the Montauk salt, I can say it is really durable, dependable and smooth. I am sold on these reels and love the price point. At $380, these workhorse reels will not break the bank and will serve you well. It is a lot of reel for that price point. Crommet explains: “We designed and developed our reels here in the US, but have an overseas partner that manufacturers them for us. He took our design and ran with it, we couldn’t have asked for a better product.” A similar reel built here in the US would cost more like $600 to $800. Spare spools are $145 which is manageable as well.

Cheeky is a strong US company based in Norwalk, CT. They have a great staff of hungry, helpful, and knowledgeable guys. They have been a delight to deal with, in person, and on the telephone. If you get a chance to swing by their booth at one of the trade shows next year, check out the whole line of quality products and introduce yourself to some really great guys. Otherwise, get to your closest Cheeky dealer and get these reels in your hands. We were impressed and think you will be as well.


Looks great and picks up line FAST!

Looks great and picks up line FAST!



  • Sealed Evo Synthetic Disc Drag
  • MAX Arbor (4.25” diameter)
  • B2 Channel
  • Lightweight Design (7.0 oz)
  • Quick Change Spool
  • Simple L/R Retrieve Conversion
  • Stash Reel Case Included

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