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Opinion: The Failed Politics of Populism the Bahamas Wants to Follow

Those who sell Populism can always rouse the public, get elected and then watch the ship go down with all hands lost. Think old Fidel Cuba and current Venezuela; embracing a strategy that never fails to fail the people it roused

Is the Sun Setting on Fishing Opportunities in the Bahamas?

By Frontiers Travel

Dear Fellow Anglers,

Like many of you, Frontiers is concerned with the proposed fisheries legislation that is going before the Bahamas government to be passed into law. Unfortunately, the verbiage of the proposal has been given a very short review period before final processing on the 26th of June, 2015! As the head of the saltwater fishing programs at Frontiers, my colleagues and I feel that the proposal is divisive, punitive, discriminatory in nature, presumptuous, and anecdotally-based rather than fact-based. The verbiage could be construed as intentionally vague when it comes to outlining where the proposed new funds will actually go and what exactly they will be used for.  “Conservation” as it is used within this document is a pretty broad term.

The general tone and urgency of this proposal would lead one to believe that something is badly broken with the recreational fishery in the Bahamas. We do not feel that is the case and are left wondering why the proposal is being ramrodded through the process.

We strongly advise you to send a letter directly to the Minister urging the government to reconsider and seek further fact-based input from both outfitters and booking agents prior to signing any proposal. We have provided the email addresses and a sample letter for you to use below.

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Hooked! BTT image.

American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA)

The Bahamas fly fishing industry and the economy of the out-islands which rely on anglers to support their local economies has come under attack. On June 17, the Bahamian government released draft legislation titled: Fisheries Resources (Jurisdiction And Conservation) (Flats Fishing) Regulations, 2015. The proposed legislation would essential destroy the sustainable fishing industry of the Bahamas. The draft legislation is an attempt to regulate fishing access in the Bahamas and prohibit foreign-owned lodges in the country.

AFFTA sent the government a strong letter opposing the regulations yesterday which can found HERE.

We are asking you to please join the countless individuals that have already contacted the Bahamian government to voice your concerns in opposing the proposed regulations. Please feel free to copy and paste the short letter below or write your own and email here, public comments will only be accepted until Friday June 26.

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