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Patagonia’s Worn Wear

Patagonia’s worn wear program is another innovative way to recycle and reuse. If you have Patagonia gear that you’re no longer using, bring it in to a Patagonia store. You will be paid in Worn Wear credit to buy something new at Patagonia retail stores and, or buy used on They’’ll clean up your old gear and pass it on, so it stays in use and out of the landfill.

Worn Wear products are Patagonia items that come from our closets and garages. Some pieces are used by people and others were collecting dust in our distribution center – they are functionally perfect, but may have a cosmetic flaw. All Patagonia products are backed by their Ironclad Guarantee. Most items are cleaned using CO2 which saves water and energy compared to conventional methods.

This is another selfless act that Patagonia is employing to help to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the amount of trash we create in our normal lives. Chouinard and team have come up with another winner here with this innovative business practice that, with luck, will have other manufacturers following suit.

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