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Profile: Rick Bannerot’s view of Cuba

Rick Bannerot. A Connecticut Yankee on the go.

Rick Bannerot, fly fisher, conservationist, photographer, entrepreneur

When not traveling on business to various exotic (and some not-so-exotic places around the globe), Rick can usually be found fly-fishing for everything from native brookies to golden dorado, false albacore, bonefish, tarpon and permit and/or inevitably editing pictures from his recent photo/travel adventures.

About photography

Rick studied photography at Yale, under the master tutelage of professors like Richard “Chip” Benson and Richard Thompson, as well as working as a photographer/editor for the Yale Daily News. Rick started toting around a Kodak “Brownie” cameras at the age of 8- or 9-years-old.

He now uses Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras and Nikkor lens moving between street & travel/adventure photography, and loves the front row position afforded when shooting sporting events & sailing regattas.


He credits his primary influences as master photographers Walker Evans and Paul Strand for their courage, dedication and perseverance to the art of photography and printing of their images; and Walter Iooss of Sports Illustrated for his ability to anticipate and execute with the camera, lens & lighting the defining moment of a sporting event.

Chipping in

He also continues to work with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as one of the co-founders and committee co-chairs for their annual NYC fundraising dinner.

Cuba through Bannerot’s lens

Rick LINKEDIN. . . 


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