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Rio’s Amateur Fly Fishing Film Contest is energized and underway

Rio’s Amateur Fly Fishing Film Contest is energized and underway. Check out February’s entries for some amazing fly fishing action in both the fresh and salted varieties of water.

Interested in Entering?

The RIO “Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards” is an opportunity for amateur fly fishing film makers to showcase this wonderful sport by entering a short film into this online film competition. Your submission could be a short story, a documentary, a collection of awesome shots, or even a clip from your cellphone that you feel deserves to be seen. Let your creativity be your guide!The rules are simple – make a 4-minute or less fly fishing film, and enter your film to be judged by the RIO panel, and by like-minded fly fishing enthusiasts on a variety of social media outlets.

Enter your film, and you could win a trip to Idaho.

A simple message

The idea of this film award is not to showcase the quality of the videography, but of the content. A film with more fly fishing fun, passion and good content that is low res or poorly edited will have far more chance of winning than a glossy, high res film of fly fishing scenery, wildlife and moods. So, get out there with your fly rod & camera, shoot your fun and send it in – you could win an epic RIO fishing trip to Idaho.

From February entry about tarpon fishing in Central America, It’s why we fish.

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