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Sportsman working together save the Delaware

Victory on the Delaware, as States Agree to Maintain Flows

By Phil Monahan /  Orvis / June 1, 2017 / excerpted

“The states of Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and New York City today (June 1) announced an agreement on a plan to continue sustainable water management for the Delaware River. With support from the three states, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) will voluntarily release additional water from its Delaware System reservoirs to protect the ecological health of the Delaware River, maintain seasonal reservoir voids that enhance flood protection, and lessen the regional harm caused by the expiration of the Flexible Flow Management Program (FFMP).”

A nice Upper delaware brown. Click on image to visit Cross Current Guide service.

At the moment, this is a voluntary move by NYC, and we must continue to keep pressure on all the players involved to reach a permanent agreement

But the good new is that, for the time being, anglers can expect a healthy Delaware fishery. We owe thanks to Friends of the Upper Delaware River for leading the charge. Thanks also to all who emailed or picked up the phone to make their voices heard.

When sportsman act together, we can wield mighty power

To read the agreement, click here . . .

NOTE: Featured Image is an Upper Delaware brown. A Blitzbound Guide Service image.


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