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Trending in the fly shop near you

No matter the current trend in fly rods, your local fly shop is the best resource. There, you can cast rods and get an authoritative opinion. A local guide is another good source [...]

September 13, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Choosing the right fly rod goes beyond a wiggle…

Instead of appearing in any way, shape or form to be the ass in the story depicted here, let Kelly Gallup walk you through the process of choosing the right fly rod. [...]

April 17, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Is buying a new fly rod a slippery slope?

If you were to cast “fast action” fly rods of the same weight designation from a dozen different high-end rod makers, you’d have differing action performances... [...]

June 1, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics