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Friday Fish Frame: Meet Tosh Brown, a multi talented outdoorsman

Tosh’s images have appeared in hundreds of magazines, books, and ad campaigns [...]

August 23, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Friday Fish Frame: “Tarpon Study” by Jonathan Marquardt

BadAxeDesign is the fly fishing artwork of Jonathan Marquardt. This weeks featured piece is a gorgeous original oil painting. [...]

August 16, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Feature: If you had only ONE fly . . .

Stuck on a deserted island... what fly would you want to throw if you only had one pattern? Captain Grant Gisondo's musings on the subject... [...]

August 15, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Flies, Slide, Spot

Wednesday Fish Facts: The sense of hearing

The ocean is a noisy place, especially below the surface [...]

August 14, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot, Wednesday Fish Facts

Feature: Eastern Long Island in the summertime

Nearby Atlantic waters provide the East End with clean cool water that fuels the great fishing the area has to offer through the warmer summer months... [...]

August 6, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Friday Fish Frame: Tom Dean, world class wood carver

Tom Dean is a self-taught artist from Great Falls, Montana. His custom one-of-a-kind wood carving sculptures are truly unique. [...]

August 2, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Industry stalwart, Urban Angler, finds new NYC location

Now in their 3rd NYC incarnation, Urban Angler is newly re-located to a beautiful 2500 square foot space at 381 Fifth Avenue. [...]

August 1, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Gear, News, Slide, Spot

Fly Tying: Capt. Paul Fisicaro’s take on Borski’s Slider

The Deer Hair Shrimp fly is basically a Borski Slider except for the body is craft fur [...]

July 24, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide, Spot

News: Hardy Cup Cane Rod Casting Championship

The Hardy Cup Cane Rod Casting Championship is held at the Castskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum [...]

July 19, 2013 News, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Tips & Tactics: A Capt. Bruce Chard / Deneki video on bonefish leaders

Capt. Bruce Chard of the Florida Keys puts to rest the sometimes confusing leader builds for bonefishing [...]

July 16, 2013 RECENT, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics