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A guides tale, fly fishing with Jim Harrison

Harrison was often compared to Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner, and characterized as a writer of “hyper-masculine” texts, though this was a label he personally deplored. [...]

October 10, 2017 RECENT, Slide

Gourmet Angler: Are all salmon created equal? No, they are not

Farmed salmon (often labeled “Atlantic”) is criticized for high levels of contaminants, the overuse of antibiotics, pollution of surrounding waterways, and nonsecure marine pens. [...]

May 26, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide

News: Eat at a restaurant that won’t tell what is in their food?

G.M.O. foods do not provide a clear benefit, like improved nutrition, lower costs and better taste. They do create toxicity in our environment [...]

December 17, 2015 News, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: Cali on water alert, but there’s a drop to waste

As for the foolishness of agricultural subsidies, until recently, the federal government paid me, a New York journalist, $588 a year not to grow crops in Oregon. I rest my case [...]

June 15, 2015 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide

News: We need a new era in conservation; now

We can’t just wait patiently until every last human has all of the material comforts they desire and only then worry about our environment. [...]

March 10, 2015 News, RECENT, Slide

Wednesday Fish Facts: Acanthocybium solanderi – wahoo, speed merchant

Wahoo have been recorded swimming at speeds of up to 47 miles per hour in short bursts, allowing quick capture of prey species. [...]

April 23, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Wednesday Fish Facts