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News: Interior issues new rules for hydraulic fracturing on public land

Companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands will be required to disclose publicly the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing [...]

May 26, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

Conservation: Appeals court says leave that mountain and trout alone

Sportsmen and conservationists found another reason to value the Environmental Protection Agency [...]

May 25, 2013 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Of Interest: Why business leaders find solace in fly fishing

Why Business Leaders Like Bill Ford And Robert Rubin Find Solace in Fly Fishing By Chris Santella There’s an aphorism that goes something like: “God does not subtract from the allotted span of men’s lives the hours spent in fishing.” [...]

May 25, 2013 Of Interest, RECENT, Spot

Conservation: Three years later oil spill cleanup study carries on

At first glance, the marshy, muddy coastline of Bay Jimmy in southeast Louisiana appears healthy [...]

May 25, 2013 Conservation, RECENT, Spot

Boating: LOOK, it’s a bird, its a plane, no it’s MOKAI

Tired of paddling two hours to the fishing spot and the three hours fighting the wind and tide coming home? [...]

May 24, 2013 Boating, RECENT, Spot

News: Illegal fishing costs billions of dollars per year, new study shows

Because pirated fish is sold on black markets, specifics of the economic impact are tough to accurately decipher. [...]

May 24, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

Book Review: The Unnatural History of the Sea by Callum Roberts

It was only 200 years ago that the universal belief was that the sea was an inexhaustible resource [...]

May 23, 2013 RECENT, Slide, Spot

News: Sea surface temperatures reach highest level in 150 years

atl_sst_720x486Sea surface temperature for the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem reached a record high of 14 degrees Celsius (57.2°F) in 2012, exceeding the previous record high in 1951. [...]

May 23, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

News: U.S. applauds Deepwater Horizon area restoration

BP's consideration of $600 million to help restore the southern U.S. coast soiled by the 2010 oil spill is right thing to do [...]

May 22, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

News: Florida scientists discover new black bass species

Scientists announced that they discovered a new species of black bass that resides in the southeastern United States [...]

May 22, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot