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Science for a nickel a day saves lives

If you live in a tornado zone, near the beach, regularly fish the surf or offshore, you know who NOAA is and that their science saves lives [...]

May 25, 2017 News, RECENT, Slide

Opinion: Has the issue of curbing international over-harvesting been solved?

The world’s fisheries, which feed billions, are in serious decline. The National Academy of Sciences examined 4,713 fisheries., and only a third were sound [...]

May 5, 2016 Opinion, RECENT, Slide

News: We are putting 8 million metric tons of plastic in the oceans — annually

Jenna Jambeck of the University of Georgia put it to The Washington Post in February, “Five bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the world.” [...]

February 2, 2016 News, RECENT, Slide

News: Obama broadens Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument

Obama has protected more acres of federal land and sea by executive power than any other president in at least 50 years and the area is off-limits to commercial fishing [...]

October 9, 2015 News, RECENT, Slide

News: Park preservation fund may go by the wayside

The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is set to expire in Sept. It has been used for 50 years to acquire land deemed to have special historical or environmental significance [...]

May 27, 2015 News, RECENT, Slide

News: Baltimore researchers turn carnivorous fish into vegetarians

The conversion of cobia to a completely vegetarian diet is a first [...]

August 25, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

News: Pebble mine is huge environmental issue for Obama

Pebble Mine: The most important environmental decision for President Obama [...]

July 8, 2013 Conservation, FEATURE STORY, News, Slide, Spot