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This is doable, Nicaragua


While this video shows an angler successfully fly fishing for tarpon from a float tube in tropical jungle waters, something dumber than dumb to do, those waters in the Yucatan of Mexico to the Atlantic side all the way south to Costa Rica hold very aggressive, big tarpon year-round.

Some destination arrival cities in Latin America are a bit hazardous, but not the actual fishing locations

The cities in the Yucatan of Mexico, Atlantic side of Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica are safer, sadly than many metropolitan cities in the U. S.

Honduras and Nicaragua are safe at the fishing locations, but drug wars, political wars and delinquent third world police forces and armies make major arrival cities in these countries sketchy – at best. If you go, think in and out of the arrival city to your destination on the same day – in daylight only.

Costa Rica

On some days at the Atlantic Ocean entrance to the treacherous Rio Colorado in Costa Rica, tarpon can occasionally be seen rolling as far out into the ocean as the eye can see. Catching them all day wreaks havoc on a body and the day after muscle fatigue previously unknown.

The chances, however, of spending a week at one of the lodges that have access to the Rio Colorado and getting through the river to the ocean – is slim. A raging “Rio” is almost a constant.

Carry a big stick…

No one should come to fish for “tapam” at any of the destinations mentioned above with less than a 10-weight and be sure you have at least two. Also, at least two reels of the highest quality – they will all be tested. A junk reel wouldn’t make it through a four tapâm day.

NOTE: Featured Image is a La Esquina del Lago Jungle River Lodge photo.

Watch the La Esquina del Lago Jungle River Lodge vimeo and dream


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