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Tips and Tactics: Fly fishing offshore weed lines

How fly-rodders find and fish sargassum lines and patches for bluewater pelagics

By Jeff Pierce for Sport Fishing

When it comes to fishing, I love it all. Be it giant bluefin tuna on conventional stand-up tackle or brook trout on dry flies in beaver ponds, I’m all in. But I can’t get much happier than being in a boat loaded with fly rods, hunting blue water for a patch of gold. It’s pretty hard to beat the heart-pounding, knee-knocking excitement you feel when you find what you’re looking for in a sargassum weed line and all hell breaks loose. I’ve experienced many “Discovery Channel moments” over the years while fly-fishing this way.

This 3-dimensional graphic displays the makeup of a sargassum weed line.

Much of the action is visual — prowling patches or a weed line, looking for just the right target. The angler is able to pick the species and adjust the rod weight and fly accordingly. Much like casting to trout that are feeding on top, in these visual presentations, fly choice can be critical.

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