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Tips & Tactics: Don’t let corroded zippers freeze you out

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, my oh my, what a mess…

Some of the best fly angling accoutrements we own, if not rods and reel themselves, get stowed­ away in zippered bags: boat bags, rod tubes, reel bags, fanny packs, jackets, rainwear, packs, vests, shirt and pants pockets. Get a little careless with storage, drying and care, and voilà – a frozen zipper. Hmmm! A frustration riddled attempted fix can lead to ruined.

You want zippers. Well here they are. Photo Simms.

What about WD-40?

Freaking mess and not a cure-all. Leave it to the boaters; they spend every day aboard whatever it is they pilot “fixing” something. Don Casey (BoatUS Magazine’s expert) is one of those boaters and fixing is his thing.

Here’s how boaters do it better

“Zippers with metal slides have a bad habit of becoming frozen with corrosion even though the teeth of the zipper are plastic. If you use force, you’ll ruin the zipper. Instead, stand the item with the zipper up, then place a small rag soaked with vinegar over the corroded slide, cover the rag with a piece of Saran, and wait.”

The acidic vinegar will dissolve the corrosion and free the slide

NOTE: Featured Image “Fishpond Dog” MTN Town Magazine photo.


Bragg’s Apple Vinegar Cider – keep a bottle at home… it’s a food product with a lot of benefits besides curing zipper corrosion.

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