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Fly Tying: Is the Deceiver the all-time best fly?

Lefty’s Deceiver is a type of fly design – not a specific pattern

In the 1950s, Lefty Kreh, then an outdoor writer for the Baltimore Sun, put a simple pattern together and called it Lefty’s Deceiver. It’s known worldwide because of its catching powers. Anything that feeds on baitfish will strike a deceiver. If a record were kept of saltwater fish caught with Lefty’s Deceiver, Clouser Deep Minnow and Woolly Bugger – no 20 other patterns would come close to the catch tally record of those three flies.

We’ve seen it tied less than an inch long to over a foot long, and in an endless array of colors

Its initial tying was pretty simple. It was tied with a wing of four to eight saddle hackles tied in at the bend of the hook. The fly had a simple bucktail collar at the front of the hook. The fly was all white. White remains the most popular and successful color for any bait imitation type flies.

Many tyers like to add eyes

There are several good vids out there on tying Lefty’s Deceiver. This one caught our eye because it suits our style of tying. We’re not perfectionists. We tie to catch fish.

Credit: The video was shot by Tightline Productions, a full-service video production company located in New Jersey. Tim Flagler is the tyer and we call him the “Explainer.”

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