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Tips & Tactics: Wanna’ be done ducking or getting whacked by your big streamer fly?

There is a simple solution to avoiding getting whacked by your streamer fly. Plus, there is simple solution to getting deeper with a floating line

While this casting technique is known to switch rodders, it also applies to single handed rod casting – with a slight modification. Most folks struggle when a big streamer is called for in the salt or freshwater. Too, if the fishing conditions change and the fish are deeper than you can get to with a floating line – sweat not. There is a simple solution. These additions to your fly are known as sink tips (Polyleaders, Versileaders) and are available from RIO Products and AirFlo.

Combined with the demonstrated casting technique shown in the REDS FLY SHOP video, your fly life will become simpler, safer and you will definitely catch more fish.

The Ultimate Streamer Fishing Line and Sink Tip Kit (Wulff Ambush Fly Line)

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