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Video: Want public lands for your grandchildren?

What do you call someone who takes what is not theirs?

A Senator? A thief? In the case of selling “your public lands,” both apply. Under this new collection of office holders in Washington, DC, (as well as in the recent past), and in certain state assemblies, both Dems and Repubs have been bought and paid for on the issue of stealing your public land.

They believe they’re entitled to do so… without your approval.

The states chant “take back their lands.” Lands that were never theirs – the states never had these lands. They ceded them away as a condition of statehood.

Who then, is pushing the entitled political personages’ buttons?

Well, it’s the usual loudmouthed super-patriot speakers… you know them and their drill. Fake information misspelled out for you every day by the entertainment news channel, Bundyists, and malcontents who flock to wrong at every opportunity.

Two of the “Deep Throat’s” in this land grab scheme are American Lands Council and the American Legislative Exchange Council

A scheme of selling public lands is an old one. It has been accomplished before – ending in economic failure. It seems we can always be hoodwinked by well-financed carnival barkers selling anything… if it has a lapel pin that says “patriotism” or “take back” or “freedom.”

So, how will “take back” work out for us?


Our Land – Traversing Oregon, Zangs Films 
The lands here are a smidgen of what the “handlers” want. This breathtaking landscape may be off limits for your grandchildren – if you sit on your ass and do nothing!

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