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Women have swarmed to fly fishing

Having a higher percentage of women readers that fly fish than fishing participants as stated by American Sport Fishing Association (ASA) in their 2015 research on that matter (29%). We are happy to add a snippet and link to today’s story from Outside Magazine.

Come on guys; it’s fly fishing, not Victoria’s Secret stuff.

All of the following items do not require choosing gender. They may suggest only being available in sizes that won’t fit you, but the product may have features you’d like available in your next buy session. Anyway here’s . . .

The Best Women’s Fly-Fishing Gear. High-performance tools to land the big one

Photo: Inga Hendrickson.

By Kelly Bastone / April 11, 2017 / Outside Magazine

NOTE: Kelly Bastone makes her home beside the Yampa River in northern Colorado, where she spends her waking hours stalking arm-length trout.

For decades, outdoor brands gave little attention to women’s products. That’s changing fast. We asked a field of expert female athletes to nominate the best new performance tools in a range of sports. Here, we present our favorite fly-fishing gear.

SaraBella ­Custom Fly Rod ($500 and up)

Founded by fly-fisher April Archer, SaraBella makes custom rods for women—and yes, options do include colors like lavender and sparkly teal. But the real value is in personalizing the build and grip—there’s even a narrow option for smaller hands.

Abel Larko Brown Trout Hand-Painted Reel ($1,255)

Even unadorned, Abel’s impeccably machined reels are masterpieces that feel as good as they look. This one adds some extra flair with a kaleidoscopic brown trout hand-painted by Andrea Larko, a Pennsylvania artist, and angler.

Umpqua Bandolier ZS Sling ($70)

The Bandolier’s configurations adapt to women’s curves, and streamlined tool garages keep nippers and other essentials from snagging my line.

Orvis Women’s Silver Sonic Convertible-Top Waders ($279)

The crowning achievement of these waterproof-breathable waders is fit. Orvis figured out how to flatter a range of women’s body types. Which is important when you’re posing for all those trophy photos.

The Expert: Kelly Bastone makes her home beside the Yampa River in northern Colorado, where she spends her waking hours stalking arm-length trout.

To see the complete list and get links to vendors click here . . .

NOTE: Featured Image by Matt Heron. Matt Heron Fly Fishing Women Only. Ladies on the Truckee River (Lake Tahoe). Fly Fishing Guiding & Classes . . .

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