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At The Vise: “Dearly Beloved…” – The Purple Prince nymph

I couldn't resist posting this awesome pattern in the wake of the passing of the master musician, performer and visionary, Prince. It is a rad looking fly as well. [...]

April 27, 2016 At The Vise, FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Slide, Videos

Palettes and Pixels: Michael Williams – flies with style…

"My great grandpa and mom fostered my love for drawing and my grandpa Jack introduced me to my love of fishing. I became obsessed..." [...]

March 28, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Flies, Fly Fishing, Profile, Slide, Uncategorized

Friday Fish Frame: Meet A. D. Maddox, fly angler, motorcyclist and artist

“Trout are chameleon-like, constantly changing color in and out of water – they represent an intriguing color palette and artistic challenge.” Maddox, self-taught, paints in oil mainly on Belgian linen and develops piece with her layering technique [...]

September 19, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Josi’s known as Catch & Release

They have details and coloring that you might not see immediately. This is where the painting comes into play - the fly angler and the artist swim together. [...]

August 29, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

News: Al Barnes, BTT’s Artist of the Year

I prefer to start out with the sea/landscape and see what appears in it along the way. Sometimes birds fly in, sometimes boats float in, sometimes both. That’s what I like about marine art. Events happen at a slower [...]

August 15, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Dan Sharley’s keen eye and deft hand

Dan was born into a fishing family, with grandfathers who first introduced him to bluegill fishing on the Kankakee River [...]

March 28, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Meet artist Duane Raver

It was evident at an early age Duane had the gift of artistic talent and soon began to draw and paint fish, waterfowl, and upland game. [...]

February 7, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: The bold stylings of Eric Estrada

Through his art, Eric directly supports marine life conservation organizations such as Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and the CCA [...]

January 24, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Meet Thom Glace, watercolor artist extraordinaire

After 30 or so fish studies, I decided to branch out to the insect world, where I wanted the challenge of the delicate features found in the insect world. [...]

January 10, 2014 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Friday Fish Frame: Jorge Martinez

All his work is inspired by his days on the water, giving Jorge the ability to study his subjects and interact with them in their natural habitat. [...]

November 22, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide