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Now or Neverglades needs your signature

Florida’s great angling threatened by the state's worst enemy, Big Sugar, the largest corporate welfare recipients in the US always get what they want [...]

July 12, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Fly Tying: If there is a terrestrial ribeye, it might be a cricket

Late summer and early fall are a great time for terrestrials. Ants the easiest to tie and deadly, but never leave home without a cricket. This one by Tim Flagler "catches." [...]

September 20, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide

News: Parasite outbreak in Yellowstone River kills thousands of fish

Parasitic outbreaks are not new for cold water systems, but the added events of warmer water due to climate issues and lower water levels exacerbate probabilities of outbreaks [...]

August 22, 2016 News, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: Catching Shadows’ drought condition tips…

Water flow issues on your home stream? Be sure to check out the informative blog over at Catching Shadows, always inciteful and interesting. Here are some great tips on how to avoid detection and perhaps a land a few more [...]

November 2, 2015 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide

News: Drought prompts fish evacuation at San Joaquin hatchery

At the San Joaquin Hatchery, CDFW is moving next year’s inventory of small trout to its Moccasin Hatchery until water temps return to suitable levels. [...]

August 19, 2015 News, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: Cali on water alert, but there’s a drop to waste

As for the foolishness of agricultural subsidies, until recently, the federal government paid me, a New York journalist, $588 a year not to grow crops in Oregon. I rest my case [...]

June 15, 2015 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: The Colorado River and America’s water crisis

The Colorado River is nearly a thousand miles shorter than the Mississippi and only a fraction as wide, but it’s a crucial resource for a surprisingly large part of the United States [...]

May 20, 2015 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide

News: CA salmon facing extinction due to drought

Rivers are blocked by sand bars because of the lack of rain, making it impossible for the masses of salmon to reach their native streams [...]

February 10, 2014 News, RECENT, Slide