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Fly line, how it’s made

A thoughtful chosen fly line will produce results that improve or maximize the performance of the fly rod. This choice can make or break an outfit. [...]

June 20, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Tips & Tactics: DIY loop welding makes solid connections

For a very small investment, you can add multiple dimensions to your fishing alternatives as that relates to your fly line. Welding new loops on a shortened fly line now easy [...]

September 6, 2016 RECENT, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Tips & Tactics: That $90 fly line can see many campaigns if cared for

Catching fish requires many things. Luck, local knowledge which only a guide can provide, and peak performance of ALL your equipment. Leave one element in that equation unattended and you are in trouble [...]

February 25, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Opinion: Casting for distance. What is the point?

While the fly fishing industry rod makers and line manufacturers fixate on casting for distance, a cadre of guides and industry aficionados voice opinions to the contrary. [...]

February 1, 2016 Opinion, RECENT, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Wanna’ be done ducking or getting whacked by your big streamer fly?

Casting heavy streamers and attempting to do so using the conventional technique is painful in more ways than one, It is ineffectual, ugly to watch and dangerous. Plus, you cannot really get distance [...]

December 7, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics, Videos

Opinion: Climbing the ladder to better fly fishing is all in the details

The devil is in the detail. It has been said before about many endeavors, but when it comes to fly fishing nothing could be truer. It boils down to things like knots, casting and fly line choices [...]

December 4, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Opinion, Slide

Tips & Tactics: In casting, is your fly line more important than your fly rod?

Expanding the useful duties of a fly rod by adding a 'lines', which is much cheaper than buying two more fly rods. Think shooting head, scandi, skagit, versi tips or poly tips [...]

September 11, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Advice: Sight fishing is as good as it gets, but . . .

Casting well, and getting the fly to the fish quickly are the cornerstones of effective angling for everything from trouts to bonefish. Multiple false casts will ruin a good outing; anywhere [...]

August 21, 2015 Advice, FEATURE STORY, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Big flies, high winds and taking too many punches

Belgiam cast is a side arm backcast and keeping the line just about parallel to the water. Never let the line stop moving - the rod is loaded until the fly is on the water [...]

August 20, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Industry News: RIO LightLine perfect for classically slower fly rods

Rio's LightLine has been designed to load slower, more traditional action fly rods such as bamboo, fiberglass and the more classic flexing graphite rods [...]

August 7, 2015 Industry News, RECENT, Slide