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At The Vise: Morrish Mouse

While there are a ton of great mouse patterns out there, the Morrish Mouse is tried and true and is a pretty easy tie. [...]

August 6, 2018 At The Vise, RECENT, Slide, Tips & Tactics

The 10 Carp Commandments

Many anglers make just a few small mistakes and these mistakes cost anglers fish time and time again. [...]

May 31, 2018 RECENT, Slide, Tips & Tactics

At The Vise: Bonefish Bitter

I first fished the bitters in the Seychelles in 2007 and have been packing it in my bonefish box ever since. [...]

April 4, 2018 At The Vise, Fly Tying, RECENT, Slide, Videos

At The Vise: Kung Fu Crab

Here we have very simple instructions for tying the Kung Fu Crab. The KFC is yummy goodness to species ranging from bonefish, to permit, to stripers. [...]

March 15, 2017 At The Vise, FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

Feature Story: Crayfish are aquatic catnip, tie one on

The body of the crayfish is covered by a two-part exoskeleton made of chitin. Chitin has a high % of calcium, fingernail-like. For a crayfish to grow, it must shed its exoskeleton and then re-grow a new and larger one [...]

August 17, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

At The Vise: Barry’s Carp Bitter

Barry’s Carp Bitter can be tied in Olive, Rusty, Brown, Claret and my favorite color Mango! It has the right profile, weight, wiggle and color to fool picky carp. [...]

June 8, 2016 At The Vise, RECENT, Slide, Videos

Tips & Tactics: All about weed guards and when to tie them

Tying on weed guards can be a bit tricky [...]

May 17, 2016 Fly Tying, RECENT, Slide, Spot, Tips & Tactics, Videos

Fly Tying: The most popular carp fly is easy to tie

The Backstabber Carp Fly is quickly becoming the most popular commercially tied carp fly. It works and I like that. It's a buggy critter. Fine forage for carp. [...]

January 29, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide

Fly Tying: Utilize the Puglisi EP fibers for more realistic baitfish patterns

Enrico Puglisi’s hand-tied flies are recognized around the world, and he has been invited to demonstrate his meticulous tying techniques across the United States and Europe [...]

October 28, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide, Videos

Video: Clinch Knot hemostats trick

The use of this little technique allows one to tie the Clinch Knot faster and easier resulting in a more secure and trustworthy knot. [...]

February 20, 2014 RECENT, Slide, Videos