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Wanna grow your game? Think Versi & Poly leaders and sink tips on 9-footers

Take advantage of different kinds of fly lines, backing and, of course, added Versi & Poly leaders and sink tips. [...]

October 3, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Do you know how to do this?

Zach Matthews, The Itinerant Angler, is an Atlanta lawyer with a fly fishing addiction. He's been published in national fly fishing magazines [...]

August 31, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Seaguar Knot – terminal fluoro shock

Fluorocarbon line has become very popular in the dozen or so years, and is now accepted worldwide by angler’s of any persuasion. [...]

September 28, 2016 RECENT, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Knots: Two guide tested uses of the figure 8 that make great connections

Fly fishing success has a lot to do with knots: how they pass through guides, how well they are tied and seated, choice of knots as that relates to materials, speediness of tie, and pound test breaking strength versus animal [...]

May 20, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Gear Review: Tie-Fast Tool saves time and peace of mind

For under $10 you can be assured that several quickly tied knots, Nail Knots, Bood Knot-like nail knots, snelled hooks, terminal to fly knot will al be failsafe; everytime [...]

January 12, 2016 Gear Review, RECENT, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Everyone should know the non-slip loop knot

The non-slip loop knot is easy to tie in just 6 steps. This terminal knot can be used in fly fishing or with conventional lures and poppers. [...]

January 11, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Knots: A 100% knot for big game fish borrowed from alpine climbers’ playbook

The simplicity of tying the Figure 8 Loop Knot is not its only value. It is a 100% knot and performs like a Non Slip Loop Knot, which lets the fly swim naturally. The knot also can be tied using [...]

November 13, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Knots: In fly fishing the value of knots cannot be overstated

In a survey about why people who like to fish generally don't migrate to fly fishing, the two biggest reasons were difficulty with casting and knots. [...]

October 8, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Knots: Many terminal knots perform more than one function

Cool info from RIO, suggesting what type of fishing each terminal knot is best suited for, and Instron measured break strength for each knot. [...]

August 26, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

Video: FG Knot – strongest and slimmest – braid to mono

This slick knot is easy to tie, slim and moves through guides with ease. Check out these easy to follow instructions from the guys at Salt Strong and try the FG Knot... [...]

June 17, 2015 FEATURE STORY, Fly Fishing, Slide