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The Kreelex Fly: It is ugly and a killer

The Kreelex fly was intended initially to tame smallmouth bass, but it turned out to be just as likely pounded by carp or pike. [...]

January 7, 2019 FEATURE STORY, Fly Tying, Slide

Opinion: Flies … thinking outside of the box.

Rarely are new patterns world beaters, but some of Chuck Kraft's flies might qualify. He's been guiding and tying for 30 years in a multi species venue [...]

October 6, 2017 Opinion, RECENT, Slide

Video: Wild Trout- A Montana Fish Story

The shift in focus to quality stream habitat changed the trajectory of Montana’s legendary trout fisheries from a steady decline to world class. [...]

January 13, 2017 RECENT, Slide, Videos

Video: The Fifth Season

During what locals call the fifth season, Winter/early Spring, as the weather warms and the days grow longer, the Madison River in Ennis, MT experiences some truly excellent fly fishing [...]

February 17, 2016 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Videos

Rigging: Spring is nearing. Off color, high water offers nymphing opportunities

Kelly Galloup’s short drop shot rigs are targeted, simple, practical in application, and productive. When you are drop-shoting you are not casting , but "tightlining". [...]

February 5, 2016 RECENT, Slide

Tips & Tactics: Another way of looking at streamer fly fishing

Kelly Galloup explains how to build short, effective leaders for fishing articulated streamers while using a full sinking 200-250 grain fly line. [...]

February 4, 2016 RECENT, Slide, Tips & Tactics

Opinion: Casting for distance. What is the point?

While the fly fishing industry rod makers and line manufacturers fixate on casting for distance, a cadre of guides and industry aficionados voice opinions to the contrary. [...]

February 1, 2016 Opinion, RECENT, Slide