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Leaked stock report shows plight of Louisiana’s specks

"We are just not seeing biomass increase, and fishing mortality continues to be above limits of concern..." [...]

July 1, 2019 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

Massachusetts proposal to reduce striped bass mortality

Massachusetts proposal to reduce striped bass mortality By the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries This winter DMF will be proposing to implement two new conservation measures for the striped bass fisheries aimed at minimizing the number of fish that are [...]

February 1, 2019 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

News: New steelhead science and potential management changes

Megan Moore, a NOAA scientist, and several co-authors published a study last October that examined steelhead smolt survival and migration in Puget Sound. [...]

March 14, 2016 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

News: PTTS captain facing FWC criminal charges for fishing ‘new jig’

Officers said an observer in a nearby boat had tipped them off that Huddleston and his clients were using a form of bottom weighted “jig” [...]

May 22, 2014 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: On playing with our food

Captain John McMurray's intellectual musings on the ethics of catch and release fishing throughout the history of mankind. [...]

March 26, 2014 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide

Conservation: 1@32 Pledge

We are hopeful that the Pledge can help to rebuild the striped bass biomass, one angler at a time, as we wait patiently for the ASMFC to act. [...]

March 24, 2014 Conservation, FEATURE STORY, Slide

Mailbag: Letter to editor gives due props to STT founders

Save The Tarpon founders, Jen and Tom McLaughlin, pushed this issue to the top and yelled loudly for many to hear, "We have had ENOUGH!" [...]

November 22, 2013 Conservation, FEATURE STORY, Profile, Slide, Take Action

News: Striped bass stock status via Stripers Forever

Striped bass spawning success varies from year to year. But the recent Young of the Year (YOY) spawning numbers are very disturbing. [...]

November 21, 2013 Conservation, News, RECENT, Science, Slide, Take Action