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Jessica Callihan: Look up resilience, you’ll find her there

A Michigan farm girl with a full academic scholarship to Western Michigan skipped her last two years to serve her country post 9/11. [...]

December 5, 2017 FEATURE STORY, Slide

Opinion: A land heist is in progress. Call who?

This planned abandonment of responsibility by the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, will have enormous and lasting economic, cultural, conservation, and preservation consequences [...]

September 29, 2017 RECENT, Slide

News: Klamath dam removals heralded by salmon while water use interests bicker

The Klamath Project agreement combines a few true win-win elements for farmers and fish with several costly and counterproductive sweetheart deals for agribusiness, observers say [...]

April 11, 2016 News, RECENT, Slide

News: The discombobulated may fumble, again

The Land and Water Conservation Fund protects public lands making sure families have places to play and preserving a strong sector of our nations economy. Outdoor treasures draw tourists nationwide [...]

June 29, 2015 Conservation, RECENT, Slide, Uncategorized

News: Land and Water Conservation Fund at risk?

Since 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been one of the most successful federal conservation endeavors – protecting American history and heritage, as well as conserving public land and clean water [...]

July 28, 2014 News, RECENT, Slide