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Virginia’s menhaden fishery plunderers, Omega Protein, slapped on wrist

Valuable fish like stripers rely heavily on menhaden as do whales, and birds of prey, as well as other marine mammals and seabirds. [...]

January 2, 2020 Menhaden, RECENT, Slide

Just like that, there I am, fishing out loud – again!

Steve Hudson lives and breathes Georgia's outdoor opportunities and has chronicled his experiences in over 20 books, any of which I recommend. [...]

December 31, 2019 FEATURE STORY, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Fly Shops, Fly Tying, Slide

Opinion: Global wild salmon, dams, climate change, hatcheries, and humankind

Hatcheries established to alleviate pressure on wild salmon now endanger them. Fish farms can eliminate as much as 50 percent of near wild fish. [...]

December 30, 2019 Opinion, RECENT, Slide, wild salmon

Time 2019 Person Of The Year: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg's climate change awareness campaign began as one in August of 2017, joined by another on day two. Now millions join her. [...]

December 24, 2019 Climate Change, RECENT, Reminder, Slide

Thunberg: “It’s all happening so fast.” And game fish and their prey are moving

Greta Thunberg's speeches often go straight to the gut. "You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes." [...]

December 24, 2019 Climate Change, FEATURE STORY, Opinion, Science, Slide

The nuclear option – eradicate invasive bass to save Miramichi salmon

The collateral damage using Rotenone to rid the lake of smallmouth bass would be taking out most of the lake’s insects and amphibians. [...]

December 23, 2019 Atlantic salmon, Atlantic Salmon Federation News, FEATURE STORY, Slide, smallmouth bass, wild fish conservancy

Is there a good reason to clip off the factory installed welded fly line loop?

Clipping off a factory-installed loop on a fly line and then hand tying a Nail Knot, connecting fly line to butt section, is something many guides prefer. [...]

December 20, 2019 Fly Fishing, fly lines, Fly Tying, fly tying knots, RECENT, Slide, Videos

The World Champ of Fly-Casting Just Wants to Be a Teen

She’s not old enough to drive, yet she has beaten Steve Rajeff - all while piling up a slew of hardware at the national and world-championships. [...]

December 19, 2019 FEATURE STORY, Fly Casting, Fly Fishing, Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club, Slide, Women Anglers

Why Everglades National Park Deserves Your Attention

Everglades National Park is 1.5 million acres of land and freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater, and the most exciting fly fishing destination in the continental US. [...]

December 18, 2019 Everglades National Park, Fly Fishing, RECENT, Slide

A president’s legacy in the making: If greed swallows Bristol Bay, nothing is off limits

Show them the money - they'll sell jobs, tax dollars, and good times. The history is some jobs, some taxes, then no jobs, no taxes, and you're left with toxic spoils. [...]

December 17, 2019 Alaska, FEATURE STORY, Salmon Fishing, Science, Slide, wild salmon