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News: Robert Behnke Dies

Prior to Behnke’s research, Greenback and the Pyramid Lake strain of Lahontan cutthroats were considered extinct [...]

September 19, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot

News: Plans set for Hudson River estuary and tributaries

The future of fly fishing 142 miles of the Hudson River [...]

September 18, 2013 Uncategorized

Looking up at Snells Window

When a diver, looks up at the smooth surface of the ocean, it sees a large round window - that's what that striper sees [...]

September 18, 2013 Slide

News: Lake “O” swells to near disaster level

Decades of pollution and waste that have gathered in Okeechobee could soon flood the surrounding region... [...]

September 17, 2013 News, RECENT, Slide

Of Interest: Understanding fly rods and choosing one

What's the differences between fast - and slow-action fly rods? [...]

September 13, 2013 Of Interest, RECENT, Spot

Friday Fish Frame: Kelly Dalling Fallon

Kelly Dalling Fallon grew up on the ocean as the daughter of well-known Australian marlin fishing skipper Captain Jim Dalling. [...]

September 13, 2013 FEATURE STORY, Slide, Spot

Of Interest: Low and Clear, a video documentary

LOW AND CLEAR unfolds with wry humor and stunning cinematography as two old friends find themselves on a fishing trip that could be their last. [...]

September 13, 2013 Of Interest, RECENT, Slide, Spot, Videos

News: Florida Sportsman Expo in Tampa Sept. 14-15

Florida Sportsman magazine to host Florida Sportsman Exp in Tampa [...]

September 12, 2013 News, RECENT, Spot, Uncategorized

News: Can political pressure derail Feds’ effort to cull hatcheries?

Seems someone in FWS has some explaining to do [...]

September 12, 2013 News, RECENT, Slide, Spot

Video: Feelin’ good in the Caribbean

Cool video about bone fishing in the Caribbean [...]

September 11, 2013 RECENT, Spot, Videos