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Hatchery salmon spawning with wild salmon produce weaker offspring

Ignorance still exists in high places - still thinking all salmon coming back to their system are theirs, without a concept of ‘collaboration with nature.’ [...]

October 3, 2019 Aquaculture, hatchery salmon, Pacific salmon, RECENT, Science, Slide, wild salmon

Oregon’s best & brightest beavers called on to help save salmon

Unbridled human activities, the primary cause for coastal wetland loss, destroys seven football fields of landscape per hour! [...]

June 3, 2019 Beavers, Conservation, RECENT, Slide

It just might be that salmon & honesty are equally important

Salmon are as vital to America's future as is honesty. We should relearn how to respect and support things of such value. [...]

April 10, 2019 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

Low Greenland Atlantic salmon harvest good news

Significantly reducing the harvest of Atlantic salmon on their ocean feeding grounds is meaningful and decisive for salmon conservation. [...]

January 28, 2019 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide

News: Atlantic salmon sustain quality of life along Miramichi

According to a report by Gardner Pinfold Consultants, wild Atlantic salmon are worth $255 million. Atlantic salmon contributed a gross domestic product value of $150 million in 2010. The Miramichi River is many things to many people. [...]

December 15, 2014 FEATURE STORY, News, Slide

News: Relaxed pollution regulations endanger wild salmon

The issue of regulatory uncertainty placing an unreasonable burden on the aquaculture industry and acting as an investment disincentive is the same issue that all other industries in this country deal with. [...]

October 22, 2014 News, RECENT, Slide

Conservation: Canadians don’t seem to like “their XL pipeline” either

Canadians do not want Enbridge's Northern Gateway project to have their Exxon Valdez roll-of-the-dice oil spills [...]

April 2, 2014 Conservation, RECENT, Slide

Video: Salmon habitat at threat. Watch now.

Pervasive farming and logging around coastal rivers threaten salmon and wildlife. Guido Rahr explains the dire situation... [...]

October 15, 2013 Conservation, News, RECENT, Slide